Akara Essex Ultima Online Server



Akara Essex is an Ultima Online Free Server (Shard)  Custom Map Leveling System Friendly Staff and been up since 2003.

AkaraEssex has been online for over 9 years!  Starting in 2003 out of a one room apartment and on a pentium dual core HP computer with barely 3 gigs of ram and a desire to bring the best free server to the public that anyone has ever seen.  We have achieved that goal and then some.  Our unique leveling system is much more advanced than what other shards have copied and tried to offer.  We also have armor and weapon leveling, in which case you can modify your armor and weapons as you use them and they will gain SP (specialization points) which you can then use to set the attributes of your weapon.  We have custom runics and custom ores woods leathers as well.  Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly and always willing to help out new players and old alike.  Our staff is drawn directly from our playerbase and every staff member has a player character in game, tho if they choose to reveal who their player is is entirely up to them.  We have active guilds most recently the Savages of the Hills have found their home on Akara Essex.  We welcome and are host to players from a number of countries across the ocean.. Including but not limited to; Poland Iceland England Germany Italy(Sicily) Ireland Sweden Russia China Thailand France Belgium Spain Brazil Australia New Zealand Turkey Norway Denmark Amsterdam Czekoslavakia Hungary and many many more.  We welcome all players no matter where they are from to come check us out and enjoy our loyal players and staff.  If you would like more information you can visit our forums at espositopm.proboards.com where somebody is always willing to answer a question or help solve any issues you may have connecting to our shard.  For now razor is recommended set ip to uoessex.servegame.com and set the port to 2590.  We support clients in the 6.xx series tho in the next few weeks 7.xx clients and eve enhanced clients will be supported!

It's an exciting time on Akara Essex and we hope to see you there...